Father Joseph Mosley Assembly






The 2008 Exemplification of the 4th Degree will be held on February 28, 2009

at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Frederick, MD.


1.  The Father Mosley Assembly has many scheduled activities each year that our members enjoy and attend.  For the families, there are at least 2 Communion Breakfasts, at different restaurants to encourage more members to attend.  


2.  Each fall we bus to a local 'Dinner Show' for an evening out together to reacquaint our community of Knights.  


3.  Our one main fundraiser is selling packaged nuts;  pecans, almonds, walnuts and peanuts in all forms of coatings and a great 'trail mix'.  The knights begin in the early fall at bazaars and community functions.  The money raised from the 'Nut Sales' is used to support a Seminarian and patriotic projects, such as the "In God We Trust" program.  


4.  This year the Seminarian we will support is Trevor Gildan, from Delaware.  His summer appointment this year was with Father Norman Carroll at St. Benedicts/St. Elizabeth's Parish in Ridgely and Denton.  He has returned to New Jersey to continue his studies.


5.  We sell tickets for a 1 - 20 club drawing.  There will be 120 tickets sold only to knights and a drawing for $25.00 will be held for each week.  If your number is drawn, it is returned to the pot before the next drawing, so you have a chance to win each time.  Better still, there will be 2 drawings for $500.00;  one for Christmas and one in the spring.


6.  There is a Faithful Navigator's Banquet each year held in the Spring.  This year S/Ks Ken Glen and Jim Jennings will be formulating a Patriotic Program for us to celebrate. 


7.  One of our most important (and the most fun) is our trip to the 4th Degree Exemplification.  This year it will be held at the Holiday Inn in Frederick MD.  Start planning to join us next year.  This is a social that last the weekend and everyone has a great time.  It begins with a Friday night dinner together . . .