Father Joseph Mosley Assembly




History of the Assembly


Father Joseph Mosley:


The Father Mosley Assembly is named for a 18th century, 'circuit riding' Priest, here on the Eastern Shore.  Father Joseph Moseley was a native of Lincolnshire, England, born November 16, 1731. He studied at St. Omers, and entered the Jesuit Society in 1748. Coming to Maryland in 1758, he labored for some time in Charles and St. Mary's counties and, in 1765, he founded the Mission of St. Joseph's and remained in sole charge of that "arduous station" until his death on June 3, 1787.



In 1903 the cloverleaf apse was added and

the front of the church became the back.



St. Josephs is the Mission Church of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Easton, MD.  Father Mosley is buried at the back of the church, near the steps to the choir loft;  which would have been the Gospel side of the original Altar before the church addition in 1900.  


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The Assembly:

The first meeting and Installation of Officers for the new Father Joseph Mosley Assembly was held on February 5th, 1983, presided over by S/K Ron Shortall, the 1st Faithful Navigator.  Assisted by Marshal Jan Narin, Master of the 4th Degree Richard M. Kunkle conducted the Installation of Officers Ceremony, followed by refreshments in the hall.  The assembly met in the Regina Coeli Council Hall, in Easton, MD where they meet today. 

Master Richard M. Kunkle along with local Knights Adrian Deroy, Ron Shortall, Reg Maguire and Roy Wagner were instrumental in the creation of the Father Mosley Assembly in the Easton, MD area.  Of the 37 Charter Members, most were local knights transferred from the Salisbury Monsignor Mickle Assembly, where they had become 4th degree members.   Fr. Mosley Knights still have a close relationship with our brothers in Salisbury, MD.

Father Mosley Assembly grew in the mid-shore area to more then 140 knights, until 2003.  Master of the 4th Degree, Philip Asplen separated the mid-shore again along the Rt. 50 - 301 corridor to form the Father Lutz Assembly in Chestertown, MD. 

Father Mosley continues to grow and attract dedicated Knights from the local Parishes in the mid-shore area.