Saint Joan of Arc



The Saint Joan of Arc Council was charted in 1997 in Saint Benedicts/Saint Elizabeth's parish at the request of, then pastor Father Robert Coine and William Nickum, our first grand knight.  Instrumental in the creation of our council were District Deputy Jack Bigelow and District Warden Charles 'Buddy' George acting as the forming state representatives. 
Thirty Charter Members, shown below, have grown into a cohesive group of dedicated catholic men now sixty five in number (9/2006).  We have added forty three (43) knights to our rolls since 1997 and continue to grow with men dedicated to our order.  Saint Joan has the distinction of having the highest percentage of our membership attain Forth Degree Knighthood of any local council. 


                                                         Saint Joan of Arc
                                                     Charter Members 1997
                                                   Reverend Robert E. Coine
                                                 Reverend Frank J. Rinaldi
                                   Charles Adler                          Michael J. Berry                      Joseph B. Bourne
                                  Robert L. Clancy                   Joseph C. Dunnington               Stephen C. Fleegle
                                 J. Paul Fountain                    Donald L. Gallagher                  Michael F. Goodman
                                Nereus 'Skip' Gunther III      Maurice B. Hickey                    James B. Kingston
                             Vincent J. Klaus                     Michael J. Mann                          Donald Myarga
                             James P. McCann                 Robert O Miedl                              Michael B. Musachio
                                William G. Nickum                John H. Nussear                           Alfred O. Parenteau
                                C. Tolbert Rowe                      Walter G. Scanlan                        Brian T. Spiering
                                Robert F. Spiering                   Christopher Spinner                      Frank E. Spray 
                                M. David Wood                         Peter F. Wood                                R. Scott Wood