Saint Joan of Arc


The Ridgely Strawberry Festival

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Saint Joan of Arc cooks Funnel Cakes for the people at the Ridgely Strawberry Festival.  One of our 1st fundraisers, it has become our trademark in Ridgely.  We set up at 10:00 - 10:30 am and are already selling funnel cakes when the parade starts at 1pm.  Even though we cook with 4 or 5 pans the line for funnel cakes never seems to disappear.  We also offer sodas and water at the booth. 


The booth needs a table for cooking and a table for serving the people.  Workers are 2 cooks, 2 for putting the cake on the plate and sprinkling the sugar and one for taking the money, also needed at the church hall are a mixer and someone to transport the mix to the park.  Space is restricted under the tent so workers are better used in rotation. 


Saint Joan usually makes $700 - $800 at this activity and the money goes into the general fund.