Saint Joan of Arc


Super Sunday Breakfast

After the 8:30 Mass on the first Sunday of CCD months.


Saint Joan of Arc Knight's provide breakfast for the parish one Sunday each month on Super Sunday;  usually, the first Sunday each month that CCD classes are in progress.  Breakfast are cooked in the Family Life Center kitchen and served from a line in the hallway.  Adults and children alike enjoy a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, beef and gravy on biscuits, and pancakes along with coffee, tea, milk, juice and donuts.  Prices are $5.00 for adults, $4.00 for kids and no family pays more then $20.00.  People are allowed to return to the serving line for seconds on most breakfast days.


It takes 7 - 8 knights in the kitchen and 9 on the line to prepare and serve our family of parishioners.  The men start preparing and cooking before 7am to be ready when the 8:30 Mass lets out.  Cleanup is usually not completed until 11:30am.  Even then we have to run some families out of the hall.  Coffee, tea, juice and donuts are provided free for those not interested in a full breakfast. 


This Community Project is not much of a fundraiser, but is a great service to our parish.  




     Grand Knight Jack Doherty flips pancakes for the Super Sunday Breakfast.     Chris Spinner PGK, pours milk and juice as Rich Lewis fries up a batch of potatoes.                

                                                    FS Skip Gunther gives a people update.


Steve Fleegle takes a coffee break as he waits for more pots and pans to wash.                             The line flows back into the 'Great Room' waiting their turn at the food.                       



Dan Finnerin takes in the money;  no family pays more then $20.00                      Everyone gets fed and there is usually enough for some seconds.                          



The line moves along steadily as the food is dished out.              In the kitchen Bernie Liswell and Steve Fleegle scrub pans.              



Rich Lewis continues cooking eggs and potatoes until every one is fed.                                             Super Sunday #1, the program is about to begin.                                    



Dan Tuel Jr. knows there are no specialists in our kitchen;                                            you make them, you cook them.                                     



Everyone enjoys the atmosphere and friendly conversation.                                    It is Catholic families communicating together.                       



Families pack our Family Life Center each Super Sunday.             There is always a lot of interaction among families;  she's just making her point. 



Father Hilery is trying to figure out where all these people came from.       Several gallons of milk and juice are donated each month for our Super Sunday's!