Saint Joan of Arc

Activities Calendar

The Saint Joan of Arc Council meets at 7:30pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  The 1st monthly meeting is designated as the 'Business Meeting' night and is preceded with the Holy Rosary at 7pm.  Our 2nd monthly meeting is a committee or family night and observes less formal guide lines.

Our year begins the 1st day of July and ends with the 30th day of June, the following year.  All activities are made as far in advance as possible and some of these dates are tentative to notification.  

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Super Sunday Breakfasts are held on the 1st Sunday of each month that CCD classes are held.

4- Council Picnic
 - Old St. Joseph's lunch and horse show always the 1st Wednesday of August.
 -1st Degree Ceremony
- Caroline County Summer Fest 3rd Fri. and Sat in Denton
- Installation of Officers
- Youth BondFire retreat
 - Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 - Chrome City Motorcycle Ride to the Benedictine School
- Hospitality for the month
-Yearly - Car Raffle
- Tootsie Roll Campaign for handicapped children's classrooms.
October -  Mary's Month
 - Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 -Mum's Sale for the Seminarian
-Yearly -New member month



- Hospitality host for all Sundays
- Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 - Cemetery cleanup
 - Parish Fall Bazaar
 - Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 - Council Christmas Party
- Hospitality host for all Sundays
 - Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 - Council Audit
 - Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 - 1st Degree ceremony
 - Host the pre-Lenten speaker
  - 4th Degree Exemplification  
- Hospitality host for all Sundays
- Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
 - 3rd Degree Ceremony
 - Council Communion Breakfast
 - Super Sunday Breakfast 9:30
- Host the Soup and Bread night
 - 1st Degree
 - Slate of next years Officers
 - Faithful Navigators Banquet
 - Mother's Day Flower sale for the sponsorship of our Seminarian
 - Ridgely Strawberry Festival Sunday Memorial day weekend.
 - Election of  officers
 - Spring Fest Auction 6-9pm


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