Saint Joan of Arc

Caroline County Summer Fest

Denton, MD


3rd weekend in August


The streets around the court house are closed to traffic and the county seat is full of people.  There are bands and entertainment and food vendors from every civic organization with every variety of food from Chicken, and Bar-B-Q to Soft and Hard Crabs. Our Roast Beef Sandwich Booth at the County Summer Fest in Denton, MD opens on Friday evening at 5 pm and Saturday at 2 pm.  Each evening it continues until 11 pm. 


Saint Joan's Knights cook, slice and sell 'Prime Roast Beef Sandwiches', water and sodas at this 2 day event with at least a dozen knights working all the time.   All our active knights pitch in to man the booth and the kitchen for these 2 days.  Pounds of prime roast beef is cooked on schedule to have fresh roast beef available for the booth sandwiches.  Our sandwiches have a reputation for 'great taste' and our customers return each year for our beef sandwiches.


Our booth at the 2007 Summer Fest.


This event requires the most  coordination and effort for our council;  but, it has the highest  reward.  Cooking the roast  and slicing them in the Parish Family Life Center, then transporting the beef to the booth while they still maintain 'Health Department Standards' requires a lot of planning and cooperation among the knights. 


In 2007, with the approval  of our Priest Father Norm Carroll, we purchased  additional  equipment and a Cooker/Warmer Oven for the Parish Family Life Center  to expand the parish kitchen .  The new stove and equipment will benefit the whole parish and enable all of us to enjoy more parish community life.



We always have our families on hand for support.


The money raised on this weekend goes into our 'General Fund' for support of our parish community and our church.