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Saint Joan of Arc

Council 12054


Knights of Columbus


Chartered 1997


Father Joseph Mosley
Assembly 4th Degree
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                                                                             Council Chaplain
                                                                                             Father Hilary Rodgers
                                                                                    St. Benedicts/St. Elizabeth's Parish
                                                                                             408 Central Avenue
                                                                                                   P.O. Box 459
                                                                                                Ridgely, MD  21660

                                               Grand Knight                                         Deputy Grand Knight 

                                                       John H. "Jack" Planert                                                       David Dinklle
                                                      14947 Drapers Mill Rd.                                                 4220 Fisher Rd.
                                                        Goldsboro, MD  21636                                                      Denton, MD  21639
                                                            410-482-6350                                                                   410-479-0936

                                                                                         2013 - 2014   


Interested in becoming a Knight?

Please contact one of these men,

or inquire at the parish office:   


Jack Planert - 410-482-6359                                                                                

Christopher Spinner - 410-479-2169

Donald Gallagher - 410.634.2859

Bill Nickum - 410-479-0991








Watch the Maryland District members interviewed

about our involvement and responsibilities in this link:

                                 Maryland Knights of Columbus






The Saint Joan of Arc Council meets at   7:30pm  on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of     each month in the Parish Family Life   Center in Ridgely, MD  21660.
Join us in devotion to the
Blessed Mother as we say the
Rosary at 7:00 PM before the first
meeting of the month in the
Family Life Center Chapel.







Annual Events in Support of our Parish, Church, and Priest: