Saint Joan of Arc

Council 12054



Saint Joan's council was charted in 1997 with 32 members, including 2 priests.  Of those original members 20 remain.  We are now  Catholic men strong and growing each year.  We are very proud to have 45, Fourth Degree Knights of the Patriotic Order, 35% of our current membership. 


The Knights of Saint Joan of Arc Council:  Total Current members - 91


                    Name                     4th Degree                

Auman, Mark D.
Bradbury, Frederick W.           4th            PGN
Breeding, John M.
Brown, James
Bunce, Thmas J.
Cassidy, Mark E.
Champagne, Ronald               4th
Chupek, Michael J.
Clegg Jr., Dennis K.
Clegg Sr., Dennis K.               4th            PGN, PFN
Daly, Jeffrey T.
Daly Mark J.
Dill, Bruce L.
Dinkle, David A.
Doherty Jr., John A.                4th            PGN
Dominick, Walter F.               4th
Domnic, Nallathambi
Ebaugh, Michael L.
Faggio, Anthony J. M.
Fearins, Frederick J.
Feltz, Brian M.
Finnerin, Daniel T.                  4th
Fleegle, Stephen C.
Flohr, Louis James                 4th
Foley, Timothy
Ford, Robert D.                       4th
Foster IV, Earle T.
Fountain, J. Paul
Freeman, Daniel M.                4th
Gallagher, Donald L.               4th            PGN, PFN
Gallagher, Joseph P.               4th
Gauvin Jr, Michael J.
Gianninoto, Tony J.
Gove, Jeffery C.
Guida, Robert F.
Gunther III, Nereus W.           4th            PFN
Hill, Keith A
Jones, David R.
Joseph, Colin P.
Keating, Thomas B.
Laidley, Martin J.
Lane, John T.                           4th
Lewis, Richard D.                   4th
Liswell, Bernard P.                 4th           FN
Lough, Thomas L.
Lough, Tyler M.
MacDonald, Howard L.
Mann, Michael J.
McCarthy, Craig A.
McCarthy, Dr. Joseph H.
Monahan, Dr. Timothy J.
Murphy, Michael W.
Musachio, Michael B.            4th
Nickum, Andrew, J.
Nickum, William G.                4th            PGN
Nussear, John H.                     4th           PGN
Pallazolo, Richard F.              4th
Parenteau, Jeff
Pasciak, David P.
Passarell, Jason M.
Pinder, Sidney E.                    4th
Planert, John H.                      4th            PGK, PFN
Porter, Michael C.                  4th
Powell, Christopher M.
Reardon Jr., Howard W.                  
Rice, Ronald L.
Rodgers, Rev. Hilary              4th            Chaplain, Faithful Friar
Rouse, Robert J.                     4th            PFN
Rouvet, Edward J.
Rowe, C. Tolbert                     4th
Sade, Richard Syrja               4th
Scanlan, Walter M.
Scarano, David J.
Schirmer IV, Peter M.            4th
Schulte, Brendan A.
Seward, James B.
Shaw, James W.                     4th
Spiering, Brian T.
Spiering, Robert F.
Spinner, Christopher R.         4th            PGN
Tierney, Francis J.
Tuel Jr., Daniel L.                    4th
Usilton, Robert M.                  4th
Van Scheik, Stephen
Wanex, Leo A.
Weaver, Jason A. 
Weinkam, Craig M.
Wood Jr., M. David                 4th
Wood, Robert Scott                             PFN


   If you are a practicing Catholic man, interested in supporting the St. Benedicts/St. Elizabeth's Parish family and believe in the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  You have things in common with these men and you can help us in support of our Parish and our church.