BE Parishioner
Vol. 1. Issue 2.
Catechetical Sunday:
     As I sit here in the Parish Hall drinking coffee I look in awe at all the commotion
going on. We look like a bunch of busy little ants. It’s the first day of Religious Ed
for 2006. The catechists have just been commissioned. It’s open house for the
parents to visit the classrooms and meet with the teachers and their assistants. We
always need more catechists and assistants. Anyone interested?
     Look over there … it’s Domnic Nallathambi selling donuts again this year. Did
you know the Knights of Columbus and the Ladies’ Sodality alternate months
providing and selling the donuts during our catechetical season? They put a lot of
effort into those mornings
picking up all the milk, juice, donuts and setting up
and cleaning up. On top of that, they usually just break even on the expenses. Good
thing we have such dedicated volunteers!
This cup of coffee sure is good! It’s must be Equal Exchange, you know,
coffee Karen Gianninoto sells during our Super Sundays. I have to laugh as I notice
Rita Miedl and Mark Daly watching the preschoolers. There goes a little girl
heading out the door and Rita with a child in her arms struggles to get her. Rita gets
her attention
while still holding the other girl and now a little boy is pulling on
Rita’s leg. The father of the girl that was heading out the door comes over and
assists. Rita looks up with that “who got me into this mess” expression on her face.
She calmly sits down and attentively goes back to her monitoring. She, as well as all
of the other monitors realize there is a need for them to be looking out for the young
ones. Do we parents appreciate them?
     Taking my attention off of Erin Daly’s discussion on home
schooling I see Father
Carroll walking around, in and out of classrooms. He is the “Good Sheperd”. Do
you see him orchestrating everything? I wonder what’s going on in his head. How
does he do it? As he walks around he makes eye contact and smiles at everyone with
his full attention. However, you can see him prioritizing our main purpose this
morning, providing our parish with all the needs and resources of fulfilling our
catechetical journey. Among those resources are Kathy Wood and Lori Parks.
I say anymore?
    As my attention focuses back to home schooling with Erin Daly I note the
fellowship and camaraderie out here in the Parish Hall. Hey, there’s a new family to
our parish. Having four different mass times, I usually attend 8:30.  Who knows how
long they have been coming here. However, I still fail to introduce myself. It’s not
that I feel better then them, it’s just that I’m shy. Does anyone else find it hard to
reach out their hand and introduce themselves? I decide to get up and get more
coffee and as I do Mike Murphy says hello and shakes my hand. Wow! It sure does
feel good to be acknowledged. I decide to introduce myself to that family anyway.
Thanks, Mike.
     Classes are letting out
there is so much adrenaline you can actually feel it on
your skin. I notice Cheryl Carmean coming out of her eighth grade classroom. She is
so passionate as she teaches about the Sacraments. Do the youth realize how
fortunate they are to have her as a teacher? I mention Cheryl but also I don’t hesitate
to acknowledge all the other catechists.
     Success! It’s all over and nobody got hurt. I pause to think of everyone who made
this morning possible. Suddenly I realize only one made this possible. The One
who asks us ”Who do you say that I am”? This morning being a day for celebrating
catechists, I answer “you are teacher”. Without his direction we are lost.
     Slowly the classrooms are emptied, the restroom lights go out, the last Styrofoam
cup (probably mine) is thrown away. The doors are being locked. Ahhh… but
wait… it’s time to set up Paul Fountain’s photo studio for the Parish Directory photo
sessions. There’s the Brown family helping set the equipment up. One thing is for
our Family Life Center never sleeps. I would say our Teacher is teaching us
that not only do we rely on him but we rely on each other as well.
     This is BE Parishioner
from the Parish, to me, to you!