January 23, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

Can  you  imagine some  complete  stranger  walking
up  to  us  and  saying:    "Come  with  me?"    Then
dropping everything that we are doing and following
him?  Well that’s exactly what happened to Peter

and Andrew, James and John when they left their
nets  to  follow  Christ!    Jesus  simply  said:    “Come
follow Me.”

were going or what was in store

There was  no  hint  as  to where  they
for them.  Nothing

was promised to them.  Then to top it all off, there
is no suggestion of any hesitation or regret on their part at letting go or leaving
their boats behind!  They simply went with Jesus.

This encounter between Jesus and His new “apostles” takes place during the first
moments of His ministry and reflects the humble origins of the church.  Ordinary

people with no special training are called to the extraordinary task of bringing the
knowledge and love of God to the whole world. God chooses
world to confront the strong and the simple to confound the wise.  

the weak of the

The mission which Jesus began in Galilee of preaching, teaching and healing, is
now our responsibility
the model of discipleship and in our generation we have both the privilege and
the obligation to accept

because we are
the Church!  The call of the apostles is still
His invitation.  As followers of Jesus, and through the

graces which each of us received at our Baptism, we are called
News of God’s kingdom.

spread the Good

Our  challenge,  right  now,  is  to  realize  that  all  of  us  stand  at  the  point  of

Christ  alone  gives  us  life  and  hope  and  we  should  not  be  side-

tracked in the work of our own conversion
the “hands of God”.   Friends: say YES to Jesus!

by earthly pursuits.  We are all

Yes, Lord,
Fr. Hilary