October 23,
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

Mission Sunday is
special way, those men and women, priests, deacons
religious sisters and brothers who have taken to heart
Christ’s call to make disciples of all nations.

left their native land, their family and friends and
have gone to foreign parts laboring to plant the faith

a time when we remember, in a
They have

among the great masses who know nothing about Christ.
people most was the sure knowledge that their home church is fully interested
in their apostolic endeavor to preach and teach the Word of
of the Good News
.  In many mission countries the local church is still very poor
and unable to survive without help from outside.  People in these countries
may differ from us, nevertheless they are our brothers and sisters in Christ who
depend on our aid

What encouraged
God and be bearers

A Sunday like this is also intended to remind us
not have to travel away from home.  There is no place on earth where the

that to be a missionary you do

church is not missionary because every parish, home and work-place is a mission

News needs spreading.  Our task is to make everyone aware of the need for
salvation by the witness of a good life, because those who are searching for
truth are more impressed by what we ARE than by what we “profess to be”.

There are neglected corners in our own community where the Good

The message we preach depends to a certain extent on our manner of life and
on our ability to reach out to others through the spirit of love.

God is constantly
working in and through us
salvation.  The challenge facing us is made all the more difficult because of the
current decline in religious practice, coupled with an indifference to the
message of the church.  Many who profess to be Christian make no serious
attempt to

bears the mark of our forefathers and is a reminder of things more lasting
than life, is for sharing and for handing on to the next generation.  It is not a
treasure to be hoarded up

announcing the message of hope and spiritual
let Gospel values influence their everyday activities.  Our faith, which

in miserly fashion.   Friends:  let us ask God to make
our faith strong enough so that we may be eager to share it with others.

Let us come to a knowledge of the truth,
Fr. Hilary