November 27, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

The beginning of Advent this liturgical
year is certainly filled with a type of
and newly revised edition of the Roman
Missal, (Third Edition),
announced by Blessed Pope John Paul II
during the Jubilee Year 2000, will be
celebrated beginning this very weekend.   

The long awaited
which was first

Wherever one visits in the
celebrate Mass in English, it will be celebrated with the exact same
translation as we are using this weekend in
Keep in mind, the Mass
Mass which have changed.  We’ve also been reminded that the
English translation of the Roman Missal will include “updated
translations of existing prayers, including some of the well-known
responses and acclamations of the people”.

world to

our own parish family.  
has not changed… it is the prayers

of the

In the years since 2000 there has been an enormous amount of work
which has been accomplished in order to produce this book.  So as
we welcome and celebrate our new Roman Missal let us appreciate
the prayers which bring us closer to the Lord as we celebrate our
Sunday and weekday liturgies, as well as the feast of the saints and
holy seasons, the sacramental rites and those special occasions in
our community of faith here in Ridgely and Denton

Let us continue to recognize God’s abundant blessings as we receive
His graces, and consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to have
this opportunity to deepen our understanding of the Sacred Liturgy,
and to appreciate its meaning and importance in our lives.

Happy New “Liturgical Year B” everyone!
Fr. Hilary