December 18, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…
Dear Parishioners of St. Benedict’s and St. Elizabeth’s,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you
to Angus Richardson, the son of Ginny and Brian

Richardson.  He’s been a part of our parish family
since he was three years old and is currently a

Junior at Sts. Peter and Paul High School -
member of the Mock Trial Team and the Pro Life
Club .  Angus has also been involved with scouting


ever since he was a Cub Scout and is now a Boy
Scout from Troop 165, who is currently striving
towards his Eagle Scout Badge.

As you may or may not know, part of the requirements for this esteemed rank is to
perform a service project that will benefit the community.  This was presented to

both the Parish Finance Committee and the Parish Council.  It was agreed by all that
it is a worthwhile service project for the benefit of our Parish.

Angus will be developing the Memorial Prayer Garden in the area behind our
Blessed Mother’s statue, between the Church and the Rectory.  Perhaps you have

already seen the drawings of the plans in the lobby of each of our churches.
Each memorial brick may be dedicated for various reasons:  to the memory of a

deceased loved one, in thanksgiving for a particular blessing, to commemorate an
anniversary or, as a personal message to commemorate a special occasion in one’s
life.  The memorial brick will be placed in the walkway and will remain as a tribute
to each person or family member whose name or message is inscribed on it.  Also,

names of past deceased parishioners who are buried elsewhere, as well as the
names of deceased relatives and friends who have lost their lives in the service of
our country, or the names of any law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics

or EMT’s may likewise be etched in the Memorial Prayer Garden as a tribute to them
as well.

The suggested donation for the memorial brick is $100.00.  Whether one donates
more or less than that is up to the individual.  The result of our efforts, besides

serving our Parish, is a tribute to all the people whose names will be engraved on
these memorial bricks.  

As Roman Catholics we believe that Baptism is our birth into the life, death and
resurrection of the Lord.  The Eucharist is our meal for life’s journey.  When we

come to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy our Memorial Prayer Garden will remind us of
this mystery.  We are travelers passing through, incorporated into the Body of

Christ, only to be visited by Him and with those we love, who have gone before us.
I encourage all of you to participate in this endeavor for our good and that of our

Parish Family.
Christmas is coming: let us make ready the way of the Lord!

Fr. Hilary