February 27, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

It  seems,  more  often  than  not,  that
worrying is one of those things that affects
us all.  It’s a part of our daily lives.  It’s not
caused by external circumstances only, but
also by internal disposition.  Some people
are natural worriers and are perpetually
anxious.  We can call “anxiety” the sister of
worry.  Anxious people are not thankful

happened to them, and instead are over-
anxious about what might

for the good things that have
happen to them.

Worry is essentially distrusting
be understandable in a heathen who believes in a “god” (small “g”)
who is jealous, unreliable, and unpredictable -
one who has learned to call God by the name of “Father”.  When we
place ourselves in God’s hands, we open ourselves to enjoy the full
grace of His protection.  
We resemble the birds of the air and the
lilies of the field.  We are able to live life, and celebrate the present

in Almighty God.  Such distrust may
but certainly not in

To know that life is full of risk, yet to affirm it;
insecurity of the human situation, and yet to rejoice:  this is the

the other hand, the courage to celebrate in the midst of uncertainty,
and to rejoice
loving God and Father

to sense the full
of faith.  It is not
a comforting illusion
that all is well.  It
is, on
with the realization that we are always in the arms of a
who holds us in the palm of His Hand.

Let us place our trust in God!
Fr. Hilary