April 17, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

This final week of Lent is a great
resurrection of the Lord in a way that
will change our
the Christian experience is that sin

world by leading us
affairs with hearts hardened

to celebrate the death and
lives.  The simple truth

our lives, has made a mess of our

to conduct our

Almighty God.  The cross is lifted up as a
soften our hearts, by revealing the depth
that God thought we were worth all that pain and suffering should
reduce us to silence. We must never forget that Jesus died on the
cross so that we might have new life.

own simple way to imitate Him.

of Christ taking the sins of humanity upon Himself

in order to
perfect love. The fact

of His
Friends:  let us always try
in our

Let us be mindful of His boundless love,
Fr. Hilary