July 24, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

It’s delightful to tell everyone that the work which
was begun on June 20th
Church has now been completed.  We’ll be
prepared to place the Most Blessed Sacrament
into the Tabernacle at the 7:15am Liturgy, Sunday
morning.  It seemed so strange to walk into St.

to refurbish St. Benedict’s

Benedicts and not to have HIM
entire church was empty:  no altar, no pews –
even a single chair, no carpet, no nothing.  

there.  In
fact, the

However, it’s all been changed.  The church has been painted, the old floor
beneath the pews has been sanded, sealed and varnished; the entire church
has been carpeted (even upstairs);
Joseph, as well as the Stations of the Cross, have all been cleaned; the windows
have been washed; the inside front doors of the Church had been lacquered.  

the statues of our Blessed Mother, St.

Each and every one of the pews along with all of the woodwork that
encompasses the inside of the church, including the sacristy and the confessional,
as well as the candlesticks beneath the crucifix and those alongside of the altar
in the sanctuary have all been polished.

and underneath the balcony; as well as new electrical outlets upstairs in the
balcony, near the organ underneath the statues, in the sanctuary and in the
sacristy. Finally, the platform on which the altar and the chairs for the Deacon
and Presider sit, is

are new lights in the sacristy
now perfectly centered
in the sanctuary.   

Practically speaking it was members of our parish family, young and old, who
lugging of every piece
were heavy!)
; who personally polished ALL
pulled up ALL
throughout the church.   It is a totally remarkable accomplishment.  We will
remember the summer of 2011 for a long time.   I thank you –
your love of Christ and your love and dedication to our parish
.  Welcome home

came together throughout this time

to take care of ALL
of furniture in the church (and believe me, those pews

of the

of the woodwork and panel; who
of the old carpet and who painted ALL

of the floor vents
one and all –

May the goodness which you have brought to our parish family through your
big-heartedness, manifest itself in a host of blessings from Almighty God
Himself for all your efforts and very kind donations.  Friends:  ALL FOR THE

Let us thank the Lord,
Fr. Hilary