August 21, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

It is a source of great comfort that while we are
on our life’s pilgrimage, that God has invited us to
be members of His Church

built upon the Rock of

People of every age listen attentively to the
leaders of the church because of the promise Jesus

made to Peter.  There’s a very human aspect to
Peter’s life story to which we can easily relate.  
His weakness and moments of betrayal are
common-place in our own lives.

deep-seated trust in the person of Jesus Christ,
more than compensates
similar trust

However, his
for any failure as will a
on our part.

The question put by Jesus to Peter:  “Who do you say that I am?”
inspiring declaration of faith.  As followers of Jesus Christ this question
confronts us
lives, working at our
saying the word of the Lord is our light and our strength

resulted in an
daily and calls us

to judge ourselves as to how we are living our
marriage and rearing our

children.  What is the point in
if we do not live

Being Christian commits us to live in a particular manner and involves having
moral standards

which differ from so many in society. One thing is certain –
neutral stance to Christ’s vision of life is NOT possible, because friends:  to
follow HIM is to live decisively
do and for who we are.  

and to take an active responsibility
for what we

Let us be faithful,
Fr. Hilary