August 7, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

This summer is just flying by very rapidly.  It seems
that our diocesan seminarian Lance Martin

like it was only a few weeks ago
appeared on the scene to be with us for

his summer assignment.  That was the first weekend of June.  Here we are now at
the end of his “mission” at our parish as he prepares to leave this weekend following
the last Mass.

Since he first arrived Lance
himself in a host of ministries and activities that have taken place.  His good nature,

has certainly delved into parish life and has involved

overwhelming enthusiasm and willingness to serve has been inspirational and he
has certainly made it a point to get to know the members of our parish family.  I
have to say that there hasn’t been a “lull in conversation” in the rectory either.

Personally, I can’t thank Lance
notable was his involvement with the re-furbishing project of St. Benedict’s Church.

enough for all that he has done for the parish. Most
He certainly “gave of himself” lending his many talents for the good our community.  

Last weekend following the Saturday evening Liturgy, the parish held a barbeque in
his honor.  We all had a grand time.  I want to say thank you to all the people who

“reception”. Thank You!

and, to all of those who were involved with the preparations

for this
The assortments of food was remarkable… the women of

our parish certainly know how to “do it up!”  Thank you!
Knights of Columbus were out cooking up a storm of burgers and hot dogs.  Thanks

Likewise, the men of the

During August Lance
visit with his family.  Following that he’ll be back at St. Mary’s Seminary and
University in Baltimore, helping as a part of the Orientation Team as the new

will be on retreat for a week and then have an opportunity to

seminarians arrive.  With his philosophy courses completed, he’ll begin 1st
in the fall. God willing, he’ll be ordained for our diocese as a deacon in 2014 and a
priest in 2015.


Let us all pray for Lance
worthwhile goal of serving God’s Chosen People as His priest.  Let’s

as he delves into his studies to prepare himself for this
also pray that

many young, single men and widowers as well, listen to the Voice of the Lord and
consider serving Christ and His Church as a priest.  Lance, may the profusion of God’s
choicest blessings be yours… and thank you for all that you did for us by your presence

and your willingness. It was great to have you with

In the name of our parish…
Peace to you always!

Fr. Hilary