June 26, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

It’s good for us to know and I think it’s safe to say that
most Catholics realize that we have returned to the
liturgical season of “Ordinary Time”
day after the Solemnity   of   Pentecost.  It will
continue until the Saturday evening Mass for the First
Sunday of Advent.

which began the
Also following Pentecost, we

observed two other beautiful Sunday feasts as well:
the Most Holy

week we celebrated the Feasts of Sts. Peter and Paul

(formerly known as Corpus Christi).  This past

and the Body and Blood of

Elizabeth’s following the 9am Liturgy, which concluded with Benediction of the
Most Blessed Sacrament
.  My thanks to all of those who participated during
that time!  Friday was the wonderful feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
and on Saturday we celebrated

and also observed a special Holy Hour
over at St.
the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

with all due reverence.  A lot of solemn days in our liturgical calendar have
taken place this past month and with that goes all of the spiritual benefits as

Likewise, as we venture into July some great things have been taking place
that will most certainly present an opportunity to enhance the worship and

spiritual life of our parish family as well!
St. Benedict’s has been painted, the woodwork has all been polished, the floor
is being sanded and stained (giving it sufficient time to dry) and then
refinished, then a new carpet for the floor. New lighting and electrical outlets
have been added in places that needed it.  

As you’re already aware, the inside of

So much has been accomplished through the efforts of you, our parishioners!  
In fact, as the development of the church has taken place it is a delight to
recognize how much has been achieved!  Thank you all for your involvement in
helping us bring about this undertaking!  Many, many people have chipped in to
help us out during this time and God knows how grateful we are!

long now before we’ll be asking folks once again to give us a hand in moving
the Altar, Stations of the Cross, organ, pews and other “church things” back

It won’t be

into the church!
Celebrations at St. Benedict’s once again!

Then, by the grace of God we will resume our Liturgical
It is really exciting to realize that our “little parish-country church” is having

this well deserved and needed “face lift”… and friends, it couldn’t be for a
better reason:  the Greater Honor and Glory of God!  

Live Jesus in our hearts!  Forever!
Fr. Hilary