May 8, 2011
A Word from Fr. Hilary…

One of the Church’s earliest memories is the story of the
two  disciples  who  fled  from  Jerusalem  after  the
crucifixion. Jesus was the one person who had meant most
to them.  With His death their whole world had collapsed
and an end was put to their dreams for the future.  
Struggling to make sense of their disappointment, they felt

that there was nothing else for it but to leave the other

apostles and to depart from the place where their hopes
were severely shattered.  On
were joined by a stranger who listened sympathetically to their sorry tale and
helped them to see meaning in all that had happened.  At every step of their
troubled journey Jesus was in their midst
until the breaking of bread at Emmaus.  Their faith was restored and
they returned to Jerusalem with new-found enthusiasm.

the way out of the city, the two hopeless disciples
but they did not recognize his

Today, you and I encounter the Lord amidst the ordinariness of human life, in
the relationships we establish

Jesus invites us to relive the Emmaus experience as we share the Eucharist
with Him.  We bring to Mass the joys and sorrows of the week that has gone
and Christ speaks to us as he spoke to the two disciples on the road to
Emmaus.  He will throw light on every moment of joy and show that every bit of
suffering has a purpose, giving us a motive for living a deeply faith-filled life.

as we work and share together.  At holy Mass,

As we share in the “Breaking of Bread” at Mass this weekend, we can pray to
have our eyes opened so that we can see beyond the sufferings of human living,
to the joy that is all around us and ahead of us.

position to set out and proclaim the “Good News” to those we will meet in the

Then, friends, we are in a

May God’s abundant blessings be with all of our Mothers as our nation
celebrates “Mother’s Day”.  Along with your own personal families, I thank you
for all that you bring to our parish family… we are blest with your presence.

With deep appreciation,
Fr. Hilary