Constitution for the Parish Council
St. Benedict / St. Elizabeth Parish
We,  the  Roman  Catholic  community  of  St.  Benedict’s  Parish  of  Ridgely,  Maryland  and  St.
Elizabeth’s Mission Church of Denton, Maryland, are a believing community professing faith in
God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the saving waters of Baptism we have died
and risen with our Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him, with Him, and in Him we are called to a life
of proclamation of the Good News, worship, communion, and service in our area of the Diocese
of Wilmington.
In communion with our  Holy Father and the  universal Church, in union with our Bishop, and
under the leadership of our Pastor, we seek to live out our vocation.
We  are  conscious  of  our  membership  in  the  Body  of  Christ  and  of  our  responsibility  to
collaborate with our pastors by sharing our talents, time, treasure and wisdom for the sake of
the mission of Christ. In particular, we have been gathered as a pastoral council to advise our
pastor in those matters affecting our pastoral mission.
The name of this body shall be the St. Benedict’s Parish Pastoral Council, hereinafter referred to
as ‘the Council.”
Section 1. The purpose of the Council shall be:
(a) To discern, with the authorization of the pastor, a set of pastoral goals for the parish. These
are  to  be  developed  and  evaluated  yearly  after  a  sufficient  period  of  research,  reflection,
discussion and prayer;
(b) To evaluate existing programs and policies for their pastoral effectiveness;
(c)  To  form  community  within  itself  as  a  sign  and  witness  of  unity  for  the  larger  parish

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