(d) To promote communication and understanding among parish organizations and between the
parish, the diocese, and the universal Church;
(e) To advise and counsel the pastor on other pastoral matters which he brings to the council.
These  matters  should  include  major  parish  undertakings,  e.g.  inaugurating  a  new  office  of
ministry in the parish, the hiring of an additional staff person, a building project, fund drive, major
(f)   To  review   the  annual  budget  submitted  by  the  parish  finance  council  and  to  make
recommendations to the pastor whose responsibility it is to approve the budget.
Section  2.  Pursuant  to  the  purposes  set  forth  in  Section  1  of  this  article,  the  Council  shall
perform the-following functions:
(a) It shall discern annually with the pastor a series of goals and priorities for the parish. It shall
do so after a careful review of the needs of the parish and in conjunction with the Parish Mission
(b) It shall see to the implementation of these goals by referring them to the proper committee
for further development in the form of objectives and action steps.
(c) It shall regularly review the implementation of these goals and objectives for the purposes of
evaluation and improvement.
(d)  Through  its  Liturgy  Committee  it  shall  do  all  that  may  be  necessary  to  provide  for  the
dignified and reverent celebration of the Sacred Liturgy, in such manner and at such times as
shall be for the spiritual welfare and the convenience of the general parish community.
(e) Through its Christian Formation Committee it shall do all that is necessary for the provision
of  proper  Christian  development  for  all  parish  members  through  a  total  parish  formation
(f)  Through its Parish and Family Life Committee it shall strive for the promotion of Christian
community and an environment of mutual support, assistance and growth in living the Christian
life in our time and culture.
(g) Through its Social Concerns Committee it shall inforn and involve the people and resources
of the parish in responding to the immediate needs of one another and the larger community as
well as to the larger issues of socio-economic problems and human rights.
(h) Through its Building and Maintenance Conmiittee it shall see to the maintenance and good
upkeep of parish property and undertake any improvements or additions to the property which

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