may be deemed necessary, acting always in accordance with the provisions of civil and canon
(j) It shall review and advise the pastor on the annual parish budget as prepared by the Finance
Council  as  well  as  the  proposed  budgets  of  all  offices  and  operations  subsidized  by  parish
(k) h shall make every effort to provide the pastor with sincere and carefully considered opinions
and  advice  on  any  matter  which  the  pastor  brings  before  it,  acting  always  in  a  spirit  of
collaboration and charity.
(1)  It shall render to all parishioners  from time to  time but not less often  than annually a full
report of its work.
(m)It shall take whatever action is both necessary and appropriate to fulfill the purposes set forth
in Section 1 of this article.
Section 1. In ordinary matters, the council shall submit its recommendations to the pastor in the
form of conclusions consisting of motions duly made, seconded and passed by a majority vote.
In  weightier  matters  the  Council  shall  attempt  to  reach  a  consensus  through  study,  frank
discussion and prayer.
Section 2. The pastor shall take an active part in the work of the Council. If the pastor, for grave
reasons of  fidelity to  the  Gospel, obedience to church or civil law, or other serious financial,
administrative or pastoral considerations, feels that he cannot in good conscience accept and
carry  out  the  recommendations  of  the  Council,  he  shall  fully  and  frankly  communicate  his
reservations with regard to them to the assembled Council.
Section 3. The pastor must authorize the Council’s recommendations before they can become
parish policy.
Section 4. If, notwithstanding the reservations expressed by the pastor, a Council shall remain in
serious disagreement with him, or if a Council is seriously divided among its members, then the
pastor or the Council through its executive officer shall pursue the means towards a resolution
at  the  parish  or  Deanery  levels.  If  these  are  unsuccessful,  then  assistance  is  to  be  sought
through the Diocesan Pastoral Council.

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